Clark's Sausage & Pork Outlet

"Clark's is a very good store. The prices are lower on a lot of meats than the supermarkets. The ground beef has got to be the leanest I've ever bought. Very sanitary. Very laid-back country and people. I would buy meats here 24/7."

- Fasalu in Burgaw, NC, 06/05/08

"What a great find! I was working one day out in the country and it was lunchtime. I stopped in Clark's for lunch and had a homemade barbecue plate with hush puppies, slaw and french fries. It was under $6 and I had enough to take home for dinner. While there, I also picked up some sausage, ham, hamburger and a pork steak. It all was the best I've tried. It was so fresh and I could not find prices like this anywhere!"

- Barbara from Wilmington, NC, 03/10/09